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Nearly five years ago I started my journey as a competitive Pokemon TCG player, taking at what the time at least, was an unconventional path into the competitive play circuit. First, I purchased code cards for the game to expand my online collection, but I also bought tons of boxes of the real cards to open up. Now at this point, I was sitting with a bunch of cards and my interest in the game expanded beyond just collecting so I did research on where I could play the card game in real life and found two outlets for play, tournaments and league. I think I got last place at that tournament. From starting out at the bottom, I have worked myself up from the bottom to here, doing my testing almost exclusively on the internet. In this article, I will cover why I think online testing is a great tool for players to take advantage of and go over some ways to make the most of your time spent online playing Pokemon.


Date Reviewed: February 2, Ratings: Constructed: 3. In such decks, she offers a relatively unique alternative because her long game is actually better than her short game. In hindsight, with the change to how Planeswalkers work it makes a lot of sense to have two versions of a Planeswalker in a set. I was a big fan of the Warrior Poet, so how do the two compare?

Once the find game button is clicked the matchmaking will kick in and find another expert opponent. The set up in the multiplayer novice game are.

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Pokémon Trading Card Game

I never wrote a second article because I ended up going straight from that into episodes of Prof-It!. The articles will likely have nothing to do with strategy, but rather about more abstract concepts, such as commentary on the state of the game as a whole, an analysis on card games, or the occasional joke article making fun of the stupid things we all do playing this game. As much as I love games, changing things up to write about my favorite hobby now and then should be a nice way to break the pace while still letting me work on my writing craft.

Sound good? Unfortunately, the latter is true. At face value, both of these games exist on entirely different scales.

Players earn a single Trainer Token for each match played (“Expert Matchmaking Reward”), provided they have met minimum playtime requirements, plus 2.

It’s a rating system used to determine the skill level of an individual in games, that enables close to even match-ups. It’s never been confirmed officially by the Pokemon company, that it IS the system used in the online game, but, if you look hard enough through forums, you’ll find here-say about their staff admitting to it’s use.

Wizards of The Coast have confirmed it was used in competitive play by them for Magic’, until they developed their own score system. A player’s Elo rating is represented by a number which increases or decreases depending on the outcome of games between rated players. How much the increase or decrease will be is based upon the opponents own score.

Simply put, some one with a high score losing to someone with a vastly lower score, will have a significant decrease in their score. Someone wining against an opponent with a much lower ELO will only gain a few points to their score, as this was the predicted outcome. Equally matched players will see a moderate- and equal decrease and increase from their scores respectively. Newer player accounts on the PTCGO will be given a default start score, this can lead to those players being annoyingly out-matched a few times, because they haven’t had the losses to get a TRUE score yet.

It’s a great system that ensures strong players play other strong players, keeping them sharp. Beginners will be given time to develop eta.

Pokémon TCG |OT| Let me Pikachu cards!

No recent wiki edits to this page. Players use a deck, either pre-built or built by the player, of cards and battle their opponents, which can be a computer controlled opponent or another human. Players can select from three different Leagues to compete in, with each League have 12 Opponents to battle. Once the player beats a Opponent in a League 4 times, they will unlock a booster pack as a reward.

› › Player vs. Player.

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› › Player vs. Player.

Browser-based games don’t capture our attention that often, but the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is something different. For fans of the tabletop version of the game, the TCGO replicates everything you can do in the physical game and then some. It even allows you to import your real collection of cards online through redemption codes found on the packaging of all new cards henceforth, so you can play online against your friends using your own deck.

The TCGO is perhaps most exciting to newcomers though, because it offers a wealth of tutorials, free decks and cards, and single-player AI tournaments to get you ready to build your own deck and play against real people. And it’s all free of charge. If you’re completely new to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, once you’ve logged in to your account you can set one up here , you can go through the tutorial to learn the basics, or you can skip ahead to the single player campaign right away.

The beauty of the TCGO is that it caters to all experience levels every step of the way, so even if you skip the tutorials, the single player has a help system that reminds you of your current play options and suggests optimal moves of course, you can also turn all of help functions off if you don’t need them. The one of the goals of the TCGO seems to be to emulate the experience of playing the card game in real life, and the single player campaign takes you through a tournament hosted by a fictional game store, with 15 AI opponents all with unique personalities and flavor text, including some good-natured trash talking , who you challenge through four leagues of 12 games each for a total of 48 games.

You can replay these games over and over too, which is particularly helpful if you’re a hardcore player looking to test a new deck against AI opponents before using it against real people. Speaking of decks, the TCGO also features a deck editor with a robust set of features for building decks with as little or as much help as you’d like. You can filter cards by Pokemon, then have the computer build a deck around the Pokemon you choose, and then tweak it however you want, or you can build a deck completely from scratch — it’s up to you.

best argumentative essay writers site

By Skrimmer, May 24, in Player vs. I’m bored of playing with Theme decks all the time, but the minute I switched to Standard decks, literally the above thing happened. It’s insane given how long this game has been around and yet they still haven’t figured out something fundamentally basic like that. That’s the thing, my win percentage is I’m guessing pretty high since I’ve been exclusively doing Theme Decks so far, but since I was bored, I decided to built a deck with the cards I currently have, which isn’t much.

SA Username – PTCGO Username Mercury Crusader – Is there any matchmaking for this game, or is it all just random? Because getting.

The game was originally released as a browser-based game in March before being relaunched as a downloadable game in for the PC and Mac, iPad in , and Android tablets in It officially emerged from open beta testing in February but continues to be refined and improved upon on a continual basis. The game is free to download and is accessible to both beginners and experienced players. It is also intended to be used by both adults and children.

Players do not need to purchase physical products from a store in order to play as they are provided with basic resources, and there are multiple means of earning new cards and other rewards as the game is played. So as to not overwhelm new and returning players with the complexity of the full game and in order to assist less experienced players in learning basic game mechanics, all players are initially directed through a set of in-game Tutorials and then a set of matches before all game features are accessible.

Then, the player is directed to the Trainer Challenge but can ignore it and already use the other game’s modes. Players already familiar with the game may bypass the tutorials by disabling the “New User Experience” under Options. Except for the tutorials, each mode is playable in one or more of the below deck formats:. After being welcomed to the Game Store , Professor Holly guides the player through matches designed to teach players the basics of game play with assistance.

In the Trainer Challenge, players face various computer-controlled Trainer characters using their owned Theme decks. Players must defeat a given Trainer in a specific spot or position once before unlocking the next Trainer position, as well finishing a given league once before unlocking the next. Some Trainers appear more than once in a league. Unlike more traditional tournaments such as Events Mode, players that have been defeated may pickup right where they left off rather than start all over again.

Is the matchmaking broken?

But how can you? It also promises to attract a whole new set of players to the game. But it has its glitches, and its drawbacks. This means that the game can be played on any operating system—Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever you got.

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Pokémon TCG |OT| Let me Pikachu cards!

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Koshti Matchmaker Login

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So about a month ago I started keeping track of who, according to the algorithm, had the advantage in each of the matches I played. So, generally speaking, we can pretty much say that the algorithm is fairly accurate in assigning advantage. But how does it know? How does it determine who the better player is? Inbuilding these decks, I do not include energy. I build them completely to just get pokemon out. I have no intention — or possibility — of winning the match … and yet the algorithm still tags me with the advantage.

A couple of examples: a. I was 5 and 2 against Volcanion in matches where my opponent was given the advantage when playing my Yveltal deck.

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