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Ruby Slipper Cafe announced plans to open its first Jefferson Parish location. The popular brunch spot will celebrate the grand opening of a new restaurant in Old Metairie on April The grand opening also falls on National Eggs Benedict Day. In honor of the day, the restaurant will offer the combination of any Benedict paired with a Bloody Mary to guests at a special price as well as some unexpected Ruby Slipper festivities. The new Ruby Slipper Cafe location will be the first to open in Metairie. NolaEats TheRubySlipperCafe rubyslipper brunch breakfast lunch nolabrunch pensacolabeach orangebeachdining batonrougedining mobilealabama drooling pancakes chocolate eggsbenedict frenchtoast webrunchhard instafood brunchgoals getinmybelly eatingforinsta ChanceOfBrunchAlways hungry instagood foodpics instaeats showmeyourfood. We hope locals will appreciate the new and convenient location and make us part of their routines for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Ruby slippers not required. Progressive women who made history in Kansas. #gratiTuesday

I may have run a successful antique business in Portobello Road for many years which kept my three children in fish fingers, the three little children I was left with in the middle of Somerset — where I kept chickens, made bread and grew my own veg — when I was 31 and they were all under 6. I may have written for Time Out, The Independent and The New Statesman as an art critic, published three collections of poetry, one of short stories and three novels but none of this is as anything compared to my failure with internet dating.

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Buy The Ruby Slippers: A Wizard Of Oz Ballet tickets at the Ames Center in Burnsville, MN for May 07, PM at Ticketmaster.

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World fiction. Old Rosa the bag lady shuffles along the streets of New York, stinking, silent and shunned by man and beast. Time and again her nephew, Michael Marcinkus the grocer, has tried to help – but Rosa remains unknowable, hushed inside her hulk. While she lies in hospital, Mr Marcinkus visits her squalid apartment and unearths something remarkable from the monstrous piles of junk: two glittering ruby slippers, relics of Hollywood history.

How on earth does decrepit old Rosa come to own such treasure? And what is to be done with it now?

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The location of the ruby red slippers has been the source of intrigue in Hollywood for 13 years. A private detective was hired by the museum in , however, it was the FBI who picked up the lead last summer. Garland is said to have had seven pairs of the slippers made for the classic. The location of each pair was the subject of a documentary titled The Slippers which was released in You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Ruby Slippers Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea – 1 Gallon Pot

More Pics Other Pictures of Ruby Slippers click to see larger version :. Ruby Slippers has now settled into being a substitute bookstore cat. Unfortunately she has usurped the position from Atticus, the original bookstore cat and needless to say, he isn’t happy about it.

One size fits all, when it comes to Dorothy’s iconic Ruby Slippers. These little stickers serve to remind us that it’s always nice to be well dressed, and additionally.

The Ruby Slippers from the masterpiece The Wizard of Oz continue to capture the imaginations of the young and old alike. Several pairs of these iconic slippers were used during filming; over the years, some were stolen, some were lost, and some changed hands and attics. After more than a year of meticulous sequin-by-sequin restoration and conservation treatment , Janet Douglas and her team of conservationists from the Smithsonian Institution are determined to keep this pair sparkly for several generations to enjoy.

This conservation campaign was crowdfunded under the handle KeepThemRuby. It was important for the research team to first extract detailed information about the slippers to understand their current state. In the nearly 80 years of its existence, this pair, thought to be the primary pair worn by Judy Garland to film dance scenes, has been almost continuously on display since it was donated to the museum in Due to aging and the unknown conditions under which this pair was stored for the first 40 years, the slippers showed visible signs of physical deterioration and discoloration.

These famous ruby slippers were actually a simple pair of store-bought pumps which were dyed red and decorated with a sequined netting, bows, colored stones, and beads, among other materials. The researchers used a bouquet of minimally invasive and non-invasive analytical techniques to study the many parts of the slippers without damaging them. To analyze the features of the shoes in detail, scientists used a popular technique called micro-X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

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I live for breakfast and lunch Many food items to choose from. I had stuffed french toast filled with cheesecake. It was more than I could eat with a side of fruit. My man had the salmon omelette which was amazing with the french toast log stack. Large portions for a decent price.

Dorothy-bright and sweet with just a hint of the witch’s tartness. Click your heels together three times and rememember, there’s no cup like your own.

No catches, no fine print just unadulterated book loving, with your favourite books saved to your own digital bookshelf. Christopher de Vinck. A remarkable and thought-provoking debut novel, which immediately becomes a compulsive read. Written with great eloquence, the tale transports you into an everyday reality filled with exquisite loss and longing. The wonderfully wide range of interwoven characters become tangible living breathing people who entice you into the story and help you feel and empathise with their emotions.

The faded yet enchanting Delicatessen sits central in the story and binds together the disparate group.

Ruby Slipper Cafe opening first Jefferson Parish location on April 16

Arriving in time for the annual Pride festivities, The Ruby Slippers tackles issues concerning sexuality and love, and those who feel like they are different on the inside to what they are on the outside, using humour, music and drama to create a memorable theatre experience. The Ruby Slippers is a club built in the image of its owner Raz James Rogerson , a gay man who is as flamboyant and outgoing as he is secretive about how he truly feels towards a member of the team, Ryan Kurtis Stacey.

Certainly, Raz is just waiting for the right moment to let Ryan know — a sudden decision to kiss him on the lips is a big hint — and Ryan has admitted privately that he loves Raz. However, Ryan does not like how he looks on the outside, and wishes to become a woman through planned surgery.

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Lisa Hilton often settles in at her piano and riffs on everyone from Miles Davis and Horace Silver to The Black Keys and Green Day, until she can find peace within the notes, letting them fill the room and fall where they languish in this glow of calm with a touch of brooding blues. Then this past year, the world changed a bit and finding that calm seemed a little more elusive. For her 20th album—Hilton has recorded an album a year since —she wanted to provide uplift and relief, where listeners can be energized and feel rejuvenated.

This became the theme for her latest release, the aptly titled Escapism. Our music embraces the good experiences in our world. I have recorded ten albums there and I love the rooms, they have a special sound and ambience. I think the entire band knew this recording was a time to savor the sense of the place—there were excellent solos going on, and we had a great sound captured by our engineer, a true sound icon, James Farber.

Ruby Slippers (Come Back Home) – Donnie Klang w/ Lyrics